Can Justin Bieber be deported after arrest in Miami Beach?

Can Justin Bieber be deported after arrest in Miami Beach?
Dave Culbreth
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CREATED Jan. 23, 2014

The arrest of international pop star Justin Bieber has all eyes on South Florida tonight. He’s charged with Resisting Arrest in Miami Beach reportedly admitting he was smoking pot when he was drag racing. Four In Your Corner investigator Dave Culbreth showing why it could get the Canadian native booted from the U.S.
Word is tonight that if things don’t go right for Bieber, he could be deported back to Canada because, according to his publicist, he’s in the United States on a work Visa. And, believe it or not, this all started when the police escorted the 19 year old to strip joints!
“The first case this afternoon is Justin Bieber,” said the Dade County judge as Bieber faced him via a court camera from jail. Bieber wasn’t smiling by the time he got to court. But, hours earlier when posing for his mug shots he looked like he was posing for an album cover. All this started when Opa Locka police officers escorted him from a private airport to two strip joints. Bieber then rented a Lamborghni and was caught drag racing down a residential street at four in the morning. The Miami Beach Police stopped him, said they smelled alcohol on him, listened to him say things like; “why the ‘f’ are you doing this?, then escorted him to jail. Eight hours later he bailed out and was charged with DUI, Resisting Arrest and Driving with an Expired License. They also said he admitted to drinking and smoking weed.
Fans were they when he left he jail and shouted, “We love you so much!” His fans may love him, but will immigration officials? “If that Visa is revoked he can be deported at any time,” says Ricardo Skerrett, an immigration attorney in Fort Myers. According to his publicist, Bieber’s in the U.S. on a special Visa for artists. If Bieber gets convicted of both the DUI and the Resisting Arrest charges Skerrett says, “I.C.E can go and pick him up and remove him physically from the U.S. because he’s a non-immigrant for immigration purposes meaning that he has no rights.”
In many instances first time DUI’s are reduced to a lesser charge. But another local attorney, Domenic Valentine of Smith & Valentine Law in Cape Coral notes that Bieber’s only 19 and the legal drinking age is 21. When asked if they tend to do reduce the charges on other people when they’re not even old enough to drink, Valentine said, “It would be unusual.”
When asked what would happen if Bieber does get convicted of the DUI, Valentine said, “Probation, loss of his driving privileges, DUI classes, and pretty hefty fines although not necessarily hefty for him,” laughed Valentine. “We’re not talking jail time here, that we can say for certain.”
Another thing for certain is Bieber won’t have trouble paying. The 19 year old’s net worth is reportedly $130 million dollars. One other note; The Opa Locka Police are investigating why it’s officers gave Bieber a police escort to those strip joints in the first place.
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