Employment Based


The firm’s immigration practice in this area includes:

· Obtaining Temporary Business-Related Work Visas We are most active in the preparation and filing of non-immigrant worker petitions with the USCIS. We provide this service to corporate, governmental and non-profit organization clients interested in employing a foreign national in an executive, managerial or otherwise professional capacity. These visa categories include H, J and L visas. Aliens seeking to come to the U.S. for purposes of trade (E-1) or to invest in the U.S. (E-2) also seek our service.

· Obtaining Employment-Based Permanent Residence Petitions Many clients wish to retain their foreign executives or managers, professionals, skilled workers and non-skilled workers on a permanent basis. Our firm assists clients in preparing and conducting alien labor certification with the United States Departments of Labor and in obtaining approval of employment based immigrant visa petitions with the USCIS. Assisting Clients in Complying with the Immigration Reform Control Act and other immigration laws. We assist clients in complying with the United States immigration laws that regulate entry to the United States and employment of foreign nationals. Mr. Ricardo Skerrett also processes visa petitions, applications for extensions of stay or change of status and adjustment of status petitions, among others, for business visitors, students in practical training or exchange, athletes, artists and family dependents of executives and other professional clients.

· IRCA and I-9 Compliance for U.S. Employers The immigration laws make it illegal to employ foreign nationals who lack USCIS permission to work in the U.S.A. With very limited exceptions, employers are required to verify that all employees (even U.S. citizens) are authorized to work in the U.S.A. by timely completing and maintaining Forms I-9. Penalties may be imposed against employers for knowingly hiring and continuing to employ an unauthorized worker, and/or for failing to complete and/or maintain the required documentation.