Why Choose attorney Ricardo Skerrett as a Corporate Immigration Law firm?

Our clients, who range from some of the largest multinational companies in the world to medium-sized and small businesses, share one thing in common: they see immigration as a benefit for their company, not a problem for their employees. We work with our clients to develop an immigration policy that aligns their need for the talents of professionals from around the globe with their overall business strategy, and help them implement that policy when a new hire needs immigration assistance.

We work with companies in a variety of industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, educational (including universities and research institutes), information technology, health care (including hospitals), engineering, manufacturing, agricultural equipment, transportation, entertainment, scientific research, automotive, insurance, retail, property, and landscaping.

Experience: Our expertise runs the gamut from more routine H-1bs to complex O-1s; from developing Corporate Immigration Policies to defending corporations in I-9, LCA, and/or PERM audits.

Creativity: We have a well-deserved national reputation for creative solutions to difficult problems. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, usually offering one or more solutions to difficult problems presented by clients. We are particularly respected for our cutting edge solutions to difficult business immigration problems which include:

Partnering: We make it our business to learn your business. We provide practical, clear suggestions for handling immigration matters, but always discuss with the client the alternatives, possible issues and business risks involved. We view our work as a team effort with the client, and seek to ensure that the client agrees with and understands our strategy decisions.

Satisfaction: Through formal and informal means, we review our performance with our clients and request input on ways we can be even more responsive to their needs.

References: The best source of information on the quality of our service is our clients. Most of our clients chose us after being represented by other firms. They are our best source of references as to how we do things differently–and better. Please ask us for client references.