1. How can I talk to Ricardo Skerrett by Internet or Telephone?

For a consultation we recomend you call 239-936-0800 Mon. through Fri., 9am to 5pm. Closed Saturdays & Sundays. Scheduling by Skype or telephone conference in advance by calling the office.

2. Can I ask for an appointment by internet to go to the office?

NO, our service by internet is only to provide consultations by phone or Skype.

3. Can you take my case over the internet?

After you obtain a consultation in person, by Skype ot by telephone, the attorney will carefully evaluate your situation and will determine your options. If you need a consultation, please call 239-936-0800.

4. Can I contact Attorney Ricardo Skerrett for an immigration question by Phone?

Due to the high volume of calls, the attorney cannot be contacted by phone consultation unless it is previously scheduled with one of our Staff members, whether in person, by Skype or telephone conference.
However, once you retain our services, Attorney Skerrett has phone conferences with our clients as needed.

5. If I ask for a consultation by internet, will the answer be the same as if I went to the office?

The results of your consultation will not vary regardless if by video conference, telephone or by coming to the office. Attorney Skerrett gives all consultations the same importance to satisfy your concerns.

6. Can you guarantee a result?

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that. It would be unethical and dishonest for an attorney to guarantee the outcome of a case. What we guarantee is that the attorney will answer your questions based on the immigration laws and make recommendations, so you will not become a victim of immigration fraud or make mistakes that can cause irreparable damage.

7. Can you guarantee that if I make the consultation, the firm will take my case?

After the initial consultation, and depending your case, the Attorney will make a recommendation. The prospective client decides whether to retain the attorney.

8. If I am not happy with the answer from the consultation, can I have my money back?

The consultation fee is not reimbursable because the client has the option of differing from the attorney’s recommendation.